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Five Star Customer Reviews for Magna-Dry

“They do an awesome job for me!

I use Magna-Dry all the time. At least twice a year, and sometimes three times. I used to use another company, but whatever they used on the floor made my dog throw up, and the next company did not get the carpets clean. So I called Magna-Dry and I have used them ever since. They are nice people, and they clean two couches for me – and the carpets. They have even taken in an expensive area rug for me, and cleaned that. I was worried about it, but I trusted them and they had no problems at all, and if came back to me PERFECT! I mean, they did an awesome job. My couches are both white, and I have a four-year old child, and a big German Shepherd dog. So you can imagine how my couches get sometimes. But the cleaning people are very gentle with everything and when they finish, my couches look brand new. Best of all, they always leave me a small bottle of cleaner so that I can remove any new spots. That is very nice of them. I am very happy with Magna-Dry, and I highly recommend them! They are a great company, and they do a great job!

Andrea P.
West Lafayette, IN

Five Star Customer Reviews

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