Sewage Remediation

Sewage Remediation with Magna-Dry

When a black water flood occurs in your home or business due to a toilet overflow or other incident, contact Magna-Dry. These types of disasters can create a serious health hazard and need to be mitigated immediately.

Factors Behind Black Water Floods

Black water floods can be caused by a number of different causes:

Sewer/Septic Backups


Broken Waste Pipes


Toilet Overflows

Lake/River Floods
Black water contains human waste, pathogens, and infectious materials. Consequently, it also contains thousands of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that can cause very serious illnesses if not remediated quickly and properly. In addition, if the flood is from a lake or river, the water may contain even more hazardous substances including industrial chemicals, fertilizer run-off, and other toxins.

The quicker you call us, the less time there is for health issues to develop and secondary damage to occur. Rest assured, we have the proper training, experience, equipment, and certifications to address and mitigate a sewer backup or other black water hazardous event. Our service vehicles are specially outfitted and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Proudly Serving Lafayette & Surrounding Areas Since 1985


We understand that an emergency is time sensitive and we go above and beyond to ensure that we return your property back to normal quickly.


Transparency is the root of who we are. You’ll be in constant communication with our project managers and receive progress updates at the end of each day.


We understand that your property needs to be at top cleanliness to ensure as much safety as possible. Our priority is to ensure your loss is contained while we help you return to normal.


Our 40+ years of experience and proven E3 formula means you can rest easy knowing you are being served by the industry leader in drying and remediation. Our technicians also receive intensive training at the highest level through the Dewald Academy of Drying.

Who We Serve

At Magna-Dry, it is our goal to restore your property back to its original condition. Rest assured, we have helped numerous families, businesses and organizations bring their carpet back to life including but not limited to:

Residential Homes


Multi-family Housing










Day Care Centers







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Take Immediate Action to Safeguard Your Health and Property. When faced with a black water flood caused by a toilet overflow, sewer backup, or other incidents, every second counts. Don’t let the health hazards and potential damage escalate. Act now to protect your well-being and property. Call 765-449-0422 to request a free evaluation now.