Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning with Magna-Dry

A rug can enhance the look and feel of your home by adding texture, depth, and warmth. In the same way as your carpets, they are subjected to constant foot traffic. Keep your rugs looking their best with regular cleaning maintenance using Magna-Dry!

Magna-Dry’s 3-Step Process

This process imitates age-old washing and drying techniques and delivers outstanding cleaning results that completely flush out the dirt, dust, and debris and other contaminants that can build up in area rugs over time. This process delivers the best cleaning results without risking damage to the rug.

Soil Removal

We begin by loosening and removing packed soil and the daily accumulation of dust through the use of commercial grade vacuums and porta-power cornering vacuums.

Wash Rugs

Wash Rugs, safe for even the most delicate rugs to be cleaned in our total immersion process.

Dry and Enjoy

Wet rugs are placed into a large centrifuge unit to safely and quickly remove nearly all of the water that a rug absorbs during cleaning.

Preserve and Protect

Cleaning your area rug with Magna-Dry is one of the best ways to extend its life and keep it looking, feeling, and smelling good. Our unique cleaning system will remove dirt without the use of soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals. Magna-Dry has replicated the old-country river-washing method of cleaning, but with modern technology. We discovered a need for a safe and effective cleaning solution for valuable, hand-made, wool, and silk oriental or other fine rugs.

Oriental and Fine-Rug Cleaning

Discover the rejuvenating touch of Magna-Dry’s spa-like treatment for your rugs, whether they’re delicate antiques or modern designs. Our exclusive immersion process revitalizes colors and shines without abrasive methods or damaging chemicals. Using specialized techniques for safe restoration. Our stain removal experts and unique blends combat tough stains without harming fibers or dyes. Protect your wool rugs from wear with Formula1 Fiber Protection and shield them from the sun with our UV-protective solution. Eliminate pet odors and stains through our specialized treatment that breaks down contaminants and neutralizes odors. When in need of repair, trust Magna-Dry to find solutions that respect your rug’s value.

The Magna-Dry Experience

Magna-Dry has a long history of quality service and superior results. From the first cleaning job in 1985 to the jobs yet to be done, Magna-Dry is dedicated to providing the most pleasant cleaning experience you’ll ever have.

Exclusive Dry-Cleaning Systems

Magna-Dry has the most effective fluid dry-cleaning service available. Our system cleans thoroughly but safely, actually pulling soil from your carpets to leave them bright, clean, residue free, and soft to the touch.

Clean, Fresh, and Residue Free

No residue left behind to attract new dirt/soil. Rather than residue producing detergents, the Magna-Dry cleaning process utilizes a non-toxic, non-noxious, and biodegradable dry-cleaning chemical which leaves the carpet clean, fresh, and residue free.

Convenience of Faster Drying

Your carpets will usually dry and be ready to use in about 2 hours which is far more convenient for busy households and better than endless hours – or even days – with wet or “shampoo” methods.

Level Billing

With Magna-Dry, you will receive firm, accurate, written costs of services — before we begin! With no obligation, you can have your carpet, fine rugs, and furnishings inspected and tested for recommended cleaning services. There are never hidden charges or price surprises with Magna Dry.

Safety for Your Family, Pets and Furnishings

Tested and used in healthcare facilities, the Magna-Dry fluid dry-cleaning system leaves no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. You can be confident that your carpets and furniture are completely safe when in Magna-Dry’s care. Nothing but a fresh, inviting aroma is left to remind you of the most pleasant cleaning experience you’ve ever had.

Team of Experts

Our technicians are trained extensively in the methods and tools needed to achieve deep-clean results. We are always looking for better ways to clean your surfaces, continuously refining our process to ensure our customers receive the deepest cleaning.

Magna-Dry’s Complete Cleaning Solutions for Your Home And Business.

Deodorizing and Disinfecting

Have an odor you just can’t find? A problem area in your home or business? Magna-Dry can further deodorize the interior of homes, businesses, & vehicles with chemical deodorizers manufactured to seek out and destroy odor-causing agents and apply a variety of fluid disinfectants to sanitize further.

Stain Treatment

With Magna-Dry’s special treatment methods, we can remove set-in stains that weren’t removed during cleaning. You can rest assured that Magna-Dry uses the best products and all of its experience to reverse stains.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Prolong the life and beauty of your carpet and upholstery by adding Magna-Dry’s Carpet & Fabric Protector. It creates an invisible protection barrier for carpet fibers and furniture fabric, which helps repel soil and staining materials. Some irreversible stains can be cleaned before they are set, and spots and spills can be cleaned more efficiently.

Expert Cleaning, Effortless Experience

Let us safeguard the allure of your rugs, ensuring they remain a testament to luxury and comfort. Call Magna-Dry now at 765-449-0422 or request a free evaluation now.